Attend to exhibition

One of the most effective ways to enter a business in Japan is to participate in an exhibition.
Even now that the Internet is widespread,
what you see and talk at an exhibition is very important in your business.

...Especially in Japan.


Exhibiting at an exhibition requires more expense and preparation than creating a promotional page on a website.

And you will be surprised to hear. The situation of Japanese exhibitions is the fact that there is a shortage of exhibition venues for the size of the business.

There are two large exhibition venues in Tokyo: "Tokyo Big Sight" and "Makuhari Messe (it takes a little time from Tokyo)". Osaka has "INTEX Osaka" and Nagoya has "Port Messe Nagoya".

And these exhibitions are always crowded (especially the two in Tokyo), proving that Japanese companies value exhibitions.
The cost of participating exhibition in Japan also varies depending on the type of exhibition.

However, it is comparable to the cost of exhibitions held in the United States, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.

If you have experience to attend and exhibited at trade shows in these countries, you will need almost the same preparation and cost.

But if you decide to participate in an exhibition in Japan, you have to consider some options.
As already introduced, Japanese exhibitions are also emphasized.
Some Japanese exhibitions "actively invite foreign companies".

In that case, there is a visitor who wants to start a business with a foreign country, so the possibility of getting a business is very high.

Many of these visitors are not good at English, so a Japanese interpreter is needed.

Of course, there is no problem if you can assign an employee who can speak Japanese at the exhibit.

If not, however, you will need to hire a translator, which will cost at least 500 USD per day. If you want to hire a translator who is well-versed in a particular field, the costs are higher.

"Interpreters who are familiar with a particular field" can be quite difficult to find, depending on the type of field. And, of course, the impression of the visitors is better for the interpreter who can listen in detail.
It is also necessary to pay attention to the advertising method at the exhibition hall.

Overseas exhibitions and Japanese exhibitions differ, for example, in ways to attract visitors.

Distributing novelty goods, distributing flyers in front of the booth, and performing demonstrations.

It is necessary to study because it depends on the content of the exhibition.

However, doing this from abroad is not possible with simple methods, because the available information is limited.
Megalith IT Alliance has experience in exhibiting at its own exhibitions and has helped many foreign companies participate in exhibitions.

We have experience not only in the IT field, but also in various manufacturing and retail industries.

In many cases, the results of an exhibition are determined before the exhibition begins.

We are familiar with how to prepare in advance, how to attract visitors at the exhibition hall, and how to follow up
after the exhibition.

Reasonable and effective because the strategy can be set according to the budget.

Our Commitment

We understand Japanese business culture so well, and know how to win at exhibitions.
We believe that these experience helps you, if you dare for succeeded in Japanese exhibition.